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Last additions:

May 2012:

Jack Spicer

George Herbert

February 2012:

John Donne

October 2011:


September 2011:

Dmitry Bykov

Old Gentleman loves to play...

Stereoscopy is frightful for the soul...

July - August 2011:

Dmitry Bykov

From "Declaration of Independance"

Fourth Paeon

The spring! We've made it through at last...


Adam is back to Eden...

To turn it all my favorite way...

Summer 2013:


The history of updates from November 2008 to April 2011:

This page is created in January 2010. The previous history is approximate.

The site is created in November 2008. The first translations are made during the autumn of 2008, they include The Sixth Sense by Gumilev, 4 poems by Pasternak ("Oh, trees...", False Alarm, "In everything I want...", Winter Night), "It's all we need..." by Levitansky, "I've come from nowhere..." by Tarkovsky, several poems and "lyric epigrams" by Marshak.

April 2009. Several translations revised.

July 2009. Added: August by Pasternak.

August 2009. Revised: Winter Night and "In everything..." by Pasternak. Added: "Taken cruelly from me...", The Portrait, "Tell me, little sister-soul..." by Tarkovsky, "Let's go to this town..." and Beatrice by Samoilov.

September 2009. Added: Night Rain and Eurydice by Tarkovsky.

November 9 2009. Revised: August and Winter Night by Pasternak, "Let's go to this town..." by Samoilov, The Sixth Sense by Gumilev, Eurydice by Tarkovsky. Added: "Time is moving forward..." and The Dream About The Leaving Train by Levitansky.

November 14 2009. Added: "A neighbourhood, suburbs..." by Levitansky, In The Country by Samoilov, "The people change addresses..." and "I will return as grass..." by Shpalikov. Mp3 files are added.

November 18 2009. Revised: "How many birch trees..." and "A human being..." by Marshak. Added: "At times a common clock..." by Marshak.

November 23 2009. Added: Walsingham's Song from "Feast in Time of Plague" by Pushkin, Cherry Clarinet by Okudzhava.

December 05 2009. Added: "Life, the gift so idle..." by Pushkin, "I've been there, yes..." by Levitansky, and 4 songs by Okudzhava (A Song About Soldier's Boots, "Oh, please, be forgiving...", The Omen, A Jolly Soldier's Ditty) with mp3 files.

December 10 2009. Revised: "Life, the gift so idle..." by Pushkin. Added: Young Hussar by Kulymanov and "Times are not for choice..." by Kushner (with mp3 files).

December 13 2009. The page "Bardic Songs" is created with poems and mp3 files copied from other pages.

January 20 2010. Added: "The grove in the fall..." by Levitansky.

February 19 2010. Added: Akhmatova page with "Some people take straightforward ways...", "When the Epoch is being buried..." and fragments from Requiem.

March 4 2010. Added: "Pursued by howling foes..." ("Ya dom rodimyi broshu...") by Varlam Shalamov.

May 18 2010. Added: Dmitri Bykov page with "I lived the wrong one..." (Zhil ne svoyu...") and "Chilly afternoon turns to a thaw..." ("Teplyi vecher kholodnogo dnya...")

Also added to Bardic Songs page: "Through the white..." by Michail Scherbakov (with mp3).

July 21 2010. Added: "The winter comes, a sobbing sound..." by Dmitri Bykov.

Added: Leopold Epstein page with 4 poems (the translations were made in autumn of 2009).

August 30 2010. Added: "The Fourteenth Ballad" by Dmitri Bykov.

September 30 2010. Added: 3 poems by Leopold Epstein ("Neosyazaemoi lyubvi...", "Zakashlyalsya noch'yu...", The Ballad-Dream).

Some editing of old translations.

November 12 2010. Pasternak's "August" is revised. Still far from perfect...

December 18 2010. Added: "Mozart. The Viennese Concertos..." and Mozart. Symphony # 40 by Leopold Epstein.

February 14 2011. Added: The Disturbing Digression and The Second Disturbing Digression by Yuri Levitansky.

March 27 2011. Added: An Attempt at Journaling by Leopold Epstein. Several minor changes to Pasternak and Epstein pages (to previous translations).

April 1 2011. Revised: The Sixth Sense by Gumilev. Also, many minor changes and editing on other pages.